Section One - Adam to Abraham

The dating system starts with the creation as year zero. See the introduction to Jesus' genealogy to learn more about the dating system.

1. The earth was created on 25 March, 4001 BC. Adam was created on Saturday the first day of Nisan in the year zero which was 31 March 4001 BC. Eve was more "made" than created so her date is unknown. She could have been formed on the sixth day or later but it is not worth arguing about. Adam and Eve were married that year in the Garden of Eden. Having been created by God to be perfect and to live for eternity they lost that position when they disobeyed God’s command. Because of their sin they were condemned to die. Adam and Eve were 130 years old when Seth was born. Adam died at the age of 930 years in the year 930. Adam and Eve had the following sons plus other sons and daughters:

    2 i. Cain. He killed his brother Abel and was banished. He married one of his sisters.
   3 ii. Abel. Dates for Cain and Able are unknown.
 +4 iii. Seth.

4. Seth was born in 130 and died in 1042. He was 105 years old when his son Enosh was born and he died at the age of 912 years:
  +5 i. Enosh.

5. Enosh was born in 235 and died in 1140. He was 90 years old when his son Kenan was born and he died at the age of 905 years:
  +6 i. Kenan (Cainan).

6. Kenan (Cainan) was born in 325. He was 70 years old when Mahalalel was born and he died in 1235 at the age of 910:
  +7 i. Mahalalel.

7. Mahalale was born in 395. He was 65 when his son Jared was born and he died in 1290 at the age of 895.
  +8 i. Jared.

8. Jared was born in 460. He was 162 when his son Enoch was born and he died in 1422 at the age of 962.
  +9 i. Enoch.

9. Enoch was born in 622. He was 65 when Methuselah was born and he did not die but was taken up into heaven in 987 at the age of 365 years.
  +10 i. Methuselah.

10. Methuselah was born in 687. He was 187 years old when Lamech was born and he died in 1656, the year of the flood, at the age of 969 years.
  +11 i. Lamech.

11. Lamech was born in 874. He was 182 when his son Noah was born and he died in 1651 at the age of 777 years.
  +12 i. Noah.

12. Noah was born in 1056. Noah was 502 years old when Shem was born and he died in 2006 at the age of 950 years. During the time from Adam to Noah there was a tremendous increase in wickedness in the world. God decided to destroy the civilization of that day and build another one from Noah’s family. God commanded Noah to built a three deck boat to save his family and animals from the world wide flood. Only Noah, his wife, his three sons, and their wives were saved. The flood occurred in the year 1656 when Noah was 600 years old. According to Jewish tradition, Noah was married to Naamah the daughter of Lemach and Zillah, of the descendants of Cain. Her brother was Tubal-Cain a worker of bronze and iron. Noah and Naamah had the following children:
  +13 i. Japheth.
  +14 ii. Ham.
  +15 iii. Shem.

13. Japheth, the first born son of Noah, had the following children. His birth and death dates are unknown.
  16 i. Gomer.
  17 ii. Magog.
  18 iii. Madai.
  19 iv. Javan.
  20 v. Tubal.
  21 vi. Meshech.
  22 vii. Tiras.

14. Ham, the second son of Noah had the following children. His birth and death dates are unknown.
  23 i. Cush, the father of Nimrod.
  24 ii. Mizraim.
  25 iii. Put.
  26 iv. Canaan.

15. Shem was born in 1560. Shem was 98 at the time of the flood. He was 100 when Arphaxad was born and died in 2160 at the age of 600 years. He had the following children:
  27 i. Elam, born in 1658.
  28 ii. Asshur, born in 1659.
+29 iii. Arphaxad.
  30 iv. Lud.
+31 v. Aram.

29. Arphaxad, the son of Shem, was born in 1660 in Shinar. He was 35 when his son Shelah was born and he died in 2098 at the age of 438 years.
  + ** Cainan
  +45 i. Shelah.

31. Aram, the son of Shem, had the following children: His birth and death dates are unknown.
  46 i. Uz.
  47 ii. Hul.
  48 iii. Gether.
  49 iv. Meshech.

** Cainan is listed in Luke’s genealogy as the son of Araphaxad and the father of Shelah but he is not listed in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament. He is listed in the Septuagint Version which is the Greek translation of the Old Testament. At the present time it is impossible to know how this name came to be listed. Was it accidentally added or dropped by the copiers of the text?

45. Shelah was born in 1695 in Shinar. He was 30 when his son Eber was born and he died in 2128 in Shinar at the age of 433 years.
  +52 i. Eber.

52. Eber was born in 1725 in Shinar. During his life time God confused the languages and the people were divided. He was 34 when Peleg was born whose name means divided. The word “Hebrew” comes from Eber for he was the father of the Hebrew race. He died in 2189 in Shinar at the age of 464 years.
  +53 i. Peleg.
  +54 ii. Joktan.

53. Peleg was born in 1759 in Shinar. He was 30 when Reu was born and he died in 1998 in Mesha at the age of 239 years. Peleg's birth in 1759 dates the tower of Babel.
  +55 i. Reu.

54. Joktan had the following children: His dates of birth and death are unknown.
  56 i. Almodad.
  57 ii. Sheleph.
  58 iii. Hazarmaveth.
  59 iv. Jerah.
  60 v. Hadoram.
  61 vi. Uzal.
  62 vii. Diklah.
  63 viii. Obal.
  64 ix. Abimael.
  65 x. Sheba.
  66 xi. Ophir.
  67 xii. Havilah.
  68 xiii. Jobab.

55. Reu was born in 1789 in Mesha. He was 32 when his son Serug was born. He lived for 239 years and died in 2028 in Mesha.
  +69 i. Serug.

69. Serug was born in 1821 in Mesha. He was 30 when his son Nahor was born. He lived to be 239 years old and died in 2051 in Mesha.
  +70 i. Nahor.

70. Nahor was born in 1851 in Ur of Chaldea. He was 29 when Terah was born and he lived to be 148 years old and he died in 1999 in Ur of Chaldea.
  +71 i. Terah.

71. Terah was born in 1880 in Ur of Chaldea. He was 70 when Abram, his youngest son was born. He lived to the age of 205 years and died in 2085 in Ur of Chaldea. He had the following children.
  +72 i. Haran.
  +73 ii. Nahor.
  +74 iii. Abram (Abraham).
    75 iv. Sarai (Sarah).

Terah Chart

Because of the many intermarriages within Terah's family it is difficult to follow the relationships between his descedents. This chart shows the marriages between the various members and how they are related. The names in red are the ancestors of Jesus.

Genealogy chart of the Terah family

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